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The Friends of Blue Spring are always looking for volunteer help at events, for our various committees, as well as for numerous tasks at the park. For more information, please check out our 

Volunteer Section

2021 Letter from our President Melissa Gibbs


Blue Spring State Park is a vitally important warm-water winter sanctuary for the threatened Florida manatee in the Upper St. John's River.  A number of manatees are rescued from Blue Spring State Park each year as part of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP) for various causes such as boat strikes, entanglements, cold stress, or other issues.  After successful rehabilitation, many manatees are re-released at Blue Spring State Park. The current location to do so needs major upgrades to make this process as safe as possible for both staff as well as the manatees. Currently, the manatee staging area is the old canoe beach, which has eroded to the point that there is frequently no beach at all.  Access to this beach is currently an old, narrow, winding boardwalk, with steep wooden steps.  A wide, shallow ramp, in a straight line, potentially with very shallow steps, would make this much easier and safer for humans and manatees. Manatee rescues and releases are of great interest to the public and always draw a crowd. The current old canoe beach is somewhat derelict in appearance, especially for one of the highest-density manatee winter refuges.  A well-designed staging area with interpretive displays would be ideal. The new area would provide an outreach opportunity for interpretation/education about rescues, manatees, and the partnerships that help keep them safe. The Friends of Blue Spring State Park are working with many partners to make this project a reality! And you can help! Make a tax-deductible donation today to support this important project. Learn more about this project!

Current narrow, steep steps makes carrying a 1000+lb manatee a difficult task.

Help us build a better staging area for manatees!

Collected: $1,003.00
Goal: $5,000.00

 Blue Springs Brewing - Riverwalk Pizzeria & Brew Pub Bingo is back!

Join us for BINGO every Wednesday at Blue Springs Brewing - Riverwalk Pizzeria & Brew Pub located at 1070 S Volusia Ave in Orange City FL.  Bingo cards are $1 each with 4 games played per night.  Proceeds will benefit Blue Spring State Park and our fundraising efforts towards building a safer staging area for Manatee rescues & releases at the park.  Great family fun, a delicious new menu and variety of micro brews in a relaxed atmosphere.  See you there!

We're looking for volunteers to help us at this fun event! For more information & to sign up, email us at

Ranger Station Renovation

Thanks to the generous donation from the Friends of Blue spring State Park, the Ranger Station at the park entrance has received
some major upgrades. A courtesy window has been added to allow the rangers to interact with the public without being exposed to
the elements. This window will also allow park staff to keep the
entrance door shut, reducing the strain on the air conditioning unit.
Some of the other upgrades include new cabinetry and counters, new flooring, new shelving, new office furniture, and
the repainting of the entire interior of the building. The new environment creates a pleasant atmosphere for the park staff. Projects
like these are supported through the membership dues and fundraising efforts from the Friends of Blue Spring State Park.


Corporate Sponsors

We are happy to welcome our first corporate sponsors!

               Blue Springs Brewing is our first Manatee Corporate Sponsor!

Upcoming Events

As a response to Covid-19 Florida State Parks have been advised to cancel all events programs for the time being. We will inform everyone when we can resume events.

Past Events

A big Thank You to everyone who helped us out at this year's Orange City/Blue Spring Manatee Festival on January 25th & 26th! We had great weather, over 300 manatees in the spring run on both days and were able to raise money to support the park and sign up new members!


We had a great time at the Orange City Christmas Parade on December 14th, 2019 in collaboration with Save the Manatee Club!

A big Thank You to everyone who came out to our Clean Up Event for National Public Land's Day on Saturday, September 28th, 2019! We had 148 volunteers collecting almost 400 lbs of trash from the park! We couldn't do this without your help!

Our "Blues Cruise" Member Appreciation Event was a big success!

Here are some photos taken by CSO members Richard Hatton and Cora Berchem



We're now introducing Corporate Sponsor Membership Levels!

The following levels are available:

Gopher Tortoise - $100/year: Includes certificate of sponsorship, 12 free park entries/year, 2 coupons for 50% off the firefly program.

Scrub Jay - $250/year. Includes certificate of sponsorship, 12 free park entries/year, 3 coupons for 50% off the firefly program.

Black Bear - $500/year. Includes certificate of sponsorship, 12 free park entries/year, 4 coupons for 50% off the firefly program.

Manatee - $1,000/year.  Includes certificate of sponsorship, 12 free park entries/year, 5 coupons for 50% off the firefly program.

Join Online or email us for more information


Current Projects:

-Development of "Members Appreciation" Events.

-Development of various fundraising events throughout the year to support park projects

-Assisting the park with multiple improvement projects (details to be announced).

-Volunteer Recruitment.

Past Projects:

-Firefly Extravaganza each spring

-Renovation of the ranger station (2020)

-Purchase of a shed to store firewood (2019)

-Purchase of an antenna to improve radio communication throughout the park (2018)

-Purchase of trailcams to monitor wildlife at the park (2016)

-Purchase of a shade for the volunteer village

-Assistance with the yearly Manatee Festival in January

-Purchase of a kayak and radios for the Blue Spring Manatee Observer Volunteer  Group (2017-2020)

-Framed photos for the Blue Spring Cabins (2019)

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